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Composition structure and characteristics of metallographic microscope

Pulished on May. 05, 2022

Metallographic microscope is a perfect combination of optical microscope technology, photoelectric conversion technology and computer image processing technology. It has developed into a high-tech product. It can easily observe the computer of metallographic image, metallographic atlas, rating, output image, printing brush, etc. Today, Xiaobian will introduce to you the composition and structural characteristics of metallographic microscope.

Metallographic microscope is mainly composed of three parts: mechanical system, optical system and lighting system. The optical system is composed of light source, reflector, objective lens group, eyepiece and multiple groups of condensing lenses. The lighting system consists of a low-voltage bulb installed on the base, a condenser, a reflector aperture diaphragm and a field light bar installed on the support. The mechanical system consists of a stage, an objective lens converter, an eyepiece barrel, a coarse and fine-tuning handwheel, a field aperture and an aperture aperture aperture.

With the continuous updating of materials and the continuous improvement of scientific and technological level, there are new metallographic microscopes at this stage, which add various new functions such as image processing and HD capture, and the application value is more significant, but there is little change in the imaging principle of the microscope.

Metallographic microscope is often used to observe the microstructure of opaque objects such as metals and minerals. These opaque objects cannot be observed by ordinary projection light microscope. The concept of metallographic microscope is derived from metallography and has the characteristics of stability, clarity and high resolution.

Metallographic microscope has many characteristics, such as high stability, good definition, high resolution and so on. Ordinary microscope can only observe the microstructure through the eyepiece, while for metallographic microscope, we can observe the real-time dynamic image of microstructure through the display screen of computer. Not only that, we can also edit, save and print these real-time images.

The appearance of metallographic microscope has greatly promoted the research of Bioscience, and made bioscience develop from macro to micro, from micro level to ultra micro level; The shape and composition, structure and function are gradually integrated, so that people can further understand the ultra microstructure and function of cells.

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