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Principles and precautions of sliding table and slide rail

Pulished on Oct. 30, 2023

Linear slide rails have been commercialized for more than 20 years. Due to continuous improvement and innovation, many different types of linear slide rails have been developed. From the perspective of internal rolling components, they can be divided into two major fields: roller type and ball type. Just like bearings, there are also ball bearings and roller bearings.

A brief introduction is given to the ball-type linear slide rail: the ball-type linear slide rail uses steel balls as the transmission interface between the slide rail and the slider, and performs unlimited rolling cycle movement. At the same time, the ball-type linear slide rail is restrained by the proper size of the steel balls between the slider and the slide rail, so that the load screen can move linearly along the slide rail at high speed and high precision.

Principle of slide table and slide rail

1. Linear transmission unit

  • Sliding sleeve type

  • Ball sleeve type, minimum transmission friction.

  • V-groove slide rail

  • T-groove slide rail

2. The installation parallelism of the double-track sliding platform will affect the positioning accuracy and sliding friction resistance.

Principles and precautions of sliding table and slide rail

In order to prevent collision, the sliding table mechanism will be equipped with limit switches of anti-collision machine at the two end points (left limit and right limit), and its B contact wiring is generally used in the outsourcing wiring to achieve the safety purpose.

Usually, the pneumatic cylinder drives the platform with sliding guide rail to keep the actuating accuracy and avoid bearing lateral force.

The tightness of the mechanical slide table or guide rail has an influence on the movement, and the tightness of the mechanical slide table or guide rail should be moderate.

In order to prevent the sliding table mechanism from colliding with the two ends due to out of control, the control program and hardware should be set up to achieve the purpose of safety.