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Application of one-dimensional adjusting frame in optical instrument equipment

Pulished on Mar. 22, 2024

The dimension adjustment frame is a positioning instrument on the optical instrument equipment, mainly used for positioning and moving the spacing of the instrument equipment. The movement of the product can only be achieved by moving in one direction. The accuracy and stroke of the product are determined by the guide rail and the differential head.

Precision instruments that can be used to achieve equipment with different precision.

The working principle of one-dimensional adjustment frame:

The main function of the lead screw is to convert the rotating motion of the motor into a linear motion. Ball screw or grinding screw are used in the electric control translation table. The rolling friction between the ball screw and the nut is formed by the steel ball, the movement is smooth, the transmission efficiency is high, it is easy to achieve high-speed operation, and the diameter of the steel ball can be changed or the axial clearance can be effectively solved by using double nuts.

Characteristics of one-dimensional adjustment frame:

Imported precision ball screw drive, repeated positioning accuracy and positioning accuracy, small axial clearance, long life

Anti-loose and anti-shaft channeling structure, effectively prevent screw loosening, axial channeling, effectively ensure repeated positioning accuracy and positioning accuracy, especially suitable for high-speed reciprocating use

The guide rail adopts the support type precision linear bearing guide rail (the whole is connected with the bottom plate), which is comfortable in movement and large in load. It is suitable for single axle medium load or multi-axle combination