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The Origin of the Microscope and Its Role in the Development of Science

Pulished on Mar. 26, 2020

The origin of the microscope:

The microscope objective supplier shares with you: Before the invention of the microscope, the world that humans could grasp with the senses was a regular world. At that time, people believed that "seeing is believing." For most people, the world is the world that can be detected by the five senses organs: eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and body. The smallest world that humans can discover is the insect world such as ants.

16 At the end of the actual period, the Dutch inventor Jensen and his son invented the first microscope, which is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. The microscope shows a whole new world in the field of human vision. "New" tiny animals and plants, and the internal structure of everything from humans to plant fibers.

Microscope Objective

Microscope Objective

The role of the microscope in the history of scientific development:

A microscope is a precise scientific instrument used to observe microscopic substances.

1. The hospital is the largest application place for microscopes. It is mainly used to check information such as changes in the patient's body fluids, viruses that invade the human body, changes in cellular tissue structure, and so on. It provides doctors with a reference basis and verification methods for designated treatment plans. In microsurgery, a microscope is an essential tool for doctors.

2. In agriculture, breeding, pest control, soil heavy metal pollutant detection, and other work can not do without the help of a microscope.

3. In the industrial field, the inspection and assembly of fine parts, as well as the study of material properties, are also performed by microscopes.

4. the reconnaissance system, environmental protection departments, geological and mining work, cultural relics, and archaeology, etc., and even daily beauty salons use microscopes.

5. As far as physics is concerned, the microscope has made a major breakthrough in physics, and the research objects range from macro light to low light. To a certain extent, it promotes the generation of atomic bombs, nuclear bombs, and hydrogen bombs, allowing physics to reach a new height. Especially after the advent of the electron microscope, the development of physics was extremely rapid, and this is the achievement today. There are many developments in microscopy, such as the world's highest magnification microscope can even observe atoms.

It can be seen how closely the microscope objective is integrated with people's production and life. The wide application of microscopes has become an indispensable detection instrument for China's scientific development. After more than 50 years of the appearance of electron microscopes, chemical microscopes, polarized microscopes, and digital microscopes, the functions are more accurate, the imaging rate is higher, the sharpness is enhanced, the broadband connection and the automatic photography are more complete and more suitable for the development of social sciences.

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