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What Do You Know about Motorized Rotation Stage?

Pulished on Jan. 05, 2021

Beijing PDV Instrument Co., Ltd is a collection of optics, precision machinery, automatic control technology independent high-tech research and development enterprises is an enterprise integrating optical, precision machinery and automation control technologies. Today we would like to introduce one of our main products: electric series products - a motorized rotation stage.

The motorized rotation stage series products produced by the company are mainly used in industrial and scientific research experiments and other scenarios. According to the different needs of customers, the company produces rotary stage table diameter of 60mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 560mm, etc. Many people do not know much about the use of the electric rotary stage. Next motorized rotation stage manufacturer will introduce the working principle, usage and product features of the motorized rotation stage.

The working principle of the motorized rotation stage 

The main working principle is similar to the principle of the ordinary sliding table, both are driven by a servo motor to drive the ball screw nut vice, the nut drives the table movement. The cross slide table is a word slide on the slide plate, plus a word slide perpendicular to the lower slide guide. The two slides are in the shape of a "cross" from top to bottom, so it is called a cross slide.

Mainly used in the machining centre, compared to a vertical machining centre, a word slide can only do a direction of movement, but the cross slide can do two directions of movement, you can process a wheel.

High Precision Motorized Rotation Stage

The use of a motorized rotation stage and precautions

It should be noted that the current and voltage should be adjusted before the power is applied!

42 stepper motor current to 1.5 A or less, 57 stepper motor current to 3A or less.

1. Connect the positive terminal of the regulated power supply.

2. The far end (away from the movement end) limit, low level valid.

3. Near-end (near the motion end) limit, low level is valid.

4. Power ground.

5. Zero output of the photoelectric switch, active low.

6. Positive end of motion A phase winding (A+).

7. Motion A phase winding positive (A-).

8. Motion B phase winding positive (B+).

9. Move the positive end of the B-phase winding (B-).

Product description

1.The standard stepping motor can be controlled automatically by the motion controller independently developed by our company. 

2.The rotating shaft system is precisely processed by multiple processes, ensuring the accuracy and stability of rotation. It has a large bearing capacity and long service life in the same size.

3. It adopts the worm gear and worm structure with precise research and matching, which is comfortable in movement.

4. It has clearance adjustment mechanism, which can greatly reduce the return difference.

5. Exquisite structure design, ultra-thin product shape.

6. The table has a precise optical scale. 

7. Electronic zero.

Our turntable can be connected with controller or PLC, if you don't have a control system, you can also buy it from our company.

If you want to get more information about high precision motorized rotation stage, please contact us.