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What can be classified for high-precision stage

Pulished on Nov. 17, 2022

The high-precision stage is also called a lens stage. It is under or above the objective lens, which is used to place the specimens to be observed. There are two kinds of shapes: square and round. There is a through hole in the center. The stage is equipped with a specimen pusher (tablet pusher). The left side of the pusher is equipped with a spring clip to hold the specimens. Under the stage is a propeller conditioning wheel, which can move the specimens left and right, front and front. The design of the stage shall be durable and convenient for specimen inspection, that is, the operation of the microscope shall be more stable and durable. The shape, size, bearing capacity and structure of microscopes are different according to their different uses. For example, the structure of the stage of an upright microscope and an inverted microscope are different.

1) . Functional classification

1. Constant temperature stage

The thermostatic stage is suitable for most inverted microscopes and flat microscopes for wide viewing. It can be automatically heated (or heated around) by the light source. As the heating power supply is DC power supply, it will not be affected by mechanical vibration, electromagnetic interference and magnetic field. The petri dish or slide can be heated on the working surface.

2. Electric stage

The stage is of half height type, equipped with fine components and encoder options to meet arbitrary positioning requirements. The high-speed and high-precision performance of the stage meets the requirements of the high-resolution linear encoder.

3. Mechanical stage

The X and Y axes of the ball guide can be moved continuously. It is used with stereo microscope and digital (TV) microscope. It is convenient for moving and positioning of small workpieces, and thoroughly handles the problem of vibration at high magnification!

2) . Classification by operation type

1. Left hand stage

2. Right hand stage

Generally, it is a right hand platform. If you need a left hand platform, you need to customize it

3) . Classification by shape

1. Square stage

2. Large table table

3. Round stage