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What are the precautions for the operation of stereomicroscope?

Pulished on Dec. 01, 2022

Stereoscopic microscope is a precise optical instrument. Users should pay attention to some details when using it. On the premise that the stereoscopic microscope is not used, the user should be familiar with its structure and characteristics, as well as the mutual position and role of important components in advance, and then carry out reasonable operation according to the use rules of the microscope.

Operating procedures for stereo microscope:

First of all, the light source plug of the stereoscopic microscope is inserted into the transformer, and then the power is connected through the low-voltage 6-8V transformer.

Select the required objective lens and eyepiece according to the magnification, install them on the objective lens base and inside the eyepiece tube respectively, and fix the position of the converter stably.

What are the precautions for the operation of stereomicroscope?

Place the sample in the center of the sample table, with the observation surface facing down and stably pressed with a spring plate.

To turn the coarse adjustment handwheel, first lower the stage, and at the same time, observe with eyes so that its objective lens can approach the surface of the sample, but cannot collide with each other. Then turn the coarse adjustment handwheel in the opposite direction so that the stage can slowly adjust the focus upward. When the field of view brightness increases, use the fine adjustment handwheel to adjust until the image becomes clear.

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