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Application of electric microscope stage in optical microscope

Pulished on Feb. 01, 2023

Optical microscope plays an important role in engineering and scientific research. With the constant change of the object to be measured, the requirements for the measurement accuracy of the microscope continue to improve, and the requirements for the displacement accuracy and realization function of the stage are increasingly high. The demand for motorization is increasingly apparent, especially under the high magnification objective lens, the field of vision is small, and any inaccurate movement may cause the observed features to move out of the field of vision.

Advantages of electric stage

The existing manual stage can realize multi-axis movement or rotation adjustment, and can provide high-precision displacement step through the handwheel. However, there are some limitations in the manual stage: it can not output the same step, and there is human error; With the increase of service time, the damping of the hand wheel will become smaller and smaller, which is prone to the situation of inaccurate positioning and more vulnerable to external interference; The manual stage needs manual contact operation. When viewed by the display, the operation is very inconvenient due to the distance, and long-term use of eyepiece observation will cause eye fatigue.

electric microscope stage

The electric stage can achieve high-precision displacement output, more accurate quantization step, high-precision repetitive positioning and detailed displacement control, and improve the efficiency of research work.

PDV independently develops and produces a series of microscope stage, which is applicable to most mainstream brands of microscopes on the market at present and can meet the needs of various fields for stage.


High precision, small volume, thin thickness and good rigidity.

Place of use:

Microscope stage, high-speed scanning.


Automatic transformation of existing microscope and high-speed scanning of slide.

PDV can also be customized according to different needs to meet different applications. For more product information, please continue to pay attention to PDV Instruments or call for consultation.