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What should I do if there is abnormal noise from the electric linear stage?

Pulished on Feb. 09, 2023

When the noise fault occurs during the operation of the electric linear stage, the first step is to detect it according to the type, use, speed ratio, motor shaft seat size and other factors of the electric linear stage, that is, directly check the target to see if there is any inappropriate place. In fact, we generally see that the noise sources of the electric slide stage can be divided into three categories: electromagnetic noise, mechanical vibration noise and ventilation noise. How can we distinguish these types of noise? Actually, it is not difficult.

First, electromagnetic noise

The noise of the electric sliding table will increase with the increase of the applied voltage and load, so the noise will increase significantly when the linear module starts to start, while the noise will disappear immediately when the module motor is idling; This situation is easy to judge. After measuring the voltage and removing the load, the problem can be well judged.

Motorized Goniometer Stage

Second, mechanical vibration noise and ventilation noise

The noise of these two types of electric sliding platforms is not related to the applied voltage and load current, but to the speed ratio. Electromagnetic noise caused by common faults such as three-phase winding resistance asymmetry of motor stator or inter-turn short circuit will cause unbalance of three-phase current; Common faults caused by broken cage of cage rotor or asymmetrical three-phase winding resistance of wound rotor will cause fluctuation of motor stator current and regular vibration.

In fact, the electric sliding platform generally uses aluminum profile as the base shell. It has sufficient rigidity and simple and atmospheric appearance. It can be used in single axis or xyz multi-axis combination. It is simple in structure, convenient in installation, more flexible in design scheme, and can meet various requirements in various environments. When designing the scheme, we will generally understand the load torque of the sliding table. The torque bearing capacity of different specifications and models in different directions is very different. We should try to keep the application within the allowable range.

The load problems of electric slide stage are not many, but in practical application, there are many problems that must be paid attention to in the design scheme. For example, the load capacity of the slide stage will be greatly reduced when the vertical combination is applied. At this time, it is necessary to select the slide stage with sufficient load limit according to the requirements of customers.