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Combined application of multi-axis electric sliding platform module

Pulished on Feb. 16, 2023

With the demand for more complex automatic production, more and more multi-axis electric slide modules are selected by manufacturers to achieve more functions. Multi-axis multi-plane linear motion can complete more complex functional operations. What are the application operations of multi-axis slide module combination? Let's take a look at these cases.

The multi-axis electric slide module can also be a rectangular coordinate manipulator, which can complete various automatic linear motion operations, and complete the complex motion in three-dimensional space through different combinations of xyz axes. Let me give you some common examples of automatic operation. In fact, it is widely used in many high-end applications such as laser cutting and welding.

Combined application of multi-axis electric sliding platform module

Automatic surface cleaning:

For example, in the circuit board industry, the cleaning I piece of the circuit board is placed on the sliding platform of the multi-axis slide module, and is fixed vertically and crosswise above the conveyor belt. Clean the surface of the circuit board by controlling the front axis slider to move forward and backward.

Painting and cutting:

When printing or cutting the printed circuit board, the printed circuit board can be fixed on the sliding platform of the electric sliding table for cutting by using the characteristics of the sliding table module moving uniformly on the xyz axis;

Handling and material distribution of production line:

When the production line needs to complete the transportation and distribution of materials automatically, we can fix the xyz multi-axis slide module above the two production lines, and the products on the production line can be transported and distributed by the operators installed on the slide.

The above three are simple multi-axis combined applications of the electric slide module. In many scientific research and teaching, various combination schemes can be designed according to different linear motion requirements, and sliding platform modules can also be designed and manufactured according to different motion requirements. If you need a linear motion mechanism with better performance and more appropriate price, you can consult us immediately.