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Pay attention to these problems in multi-axis application of linear module

Pulished on Feb. 27, 2023

In the automatic production line, the multi-axis combination of linear modules is more and more widely used. If there is not enough technical experience in the installation process, it is easy to have problems. If you choose a professional linear module manufacturer PDV, you will be able to avoid various problems and efficiently complete the installation and commissioning. Today, PDV will introduce some problems that need attention in the multi-axis application of sliding platform.

First, the flatness of linear modules

When installing the bottom surface of the module, if the plane is too large, the bottom surface of the sliding table will be forcibly locked, and the linear guide rail and ball screw will have strong bending deformation, which will easily lead to the failure of the sliding table to operate, which will sharply shorten the life of the module. Generally speaking, for precision linear modules, the flatness of the installation bottom should be less than 0.02mm/mm.

The second point is the concentricity of the motor shaft and the lead screw shaft end of the linear module.

Generally, when we install the module, we will use the coupling to eliminate certain eccentricity, but if the concentricity run-out value of the two exceeds the allowable range of the coupling, it will accelerate the damage of the coupling, resulting in abnormal noise of the coupling and fracture, which should be avoided as much as possible.

Third, the cantilever shaft stroke of the sliding platform module is too long and the overhang length is too large.

If the cantilever length is too large in the multi-axis combination, we should pay attention to that this situation will cause the allowable torque overload of the guide rail. At different acceleration and deceleration speeds, the vibration generated during the retraction will eventually be absorbed by the electric slide, and the long time vibration will shorten the life of the guide rail.

The fourth point is that the slide module sensor switch collides with the sensor due to deformation.

If your slide induction switch is deformed, it will inevitably collide with the photoelectric switch and cause damage to the photoelectric switch. Therefore, before powering on and sliding the slider, we should check whether you can pass the photoelectric switch normally.

Fifth, the load of the linear module exceeds the service limit.

The product model selected by the module manufacturer according to the demand has a certain handling load limit, and the influence of cantilever force and acceleration and deceleration changes should also be considered. We must pay attention to reserving sufficient safety factors.

Multi-axis Displacement Stage

Of course, in the multi-axis combination application where the linear module is more complex, the uneven installation height is easy to occur. For example, in the gantry installation, if the guide rail height is uneven, the linear module will be stuck, and then the module will be damaged. We recommend that you consult professional linear module manufacturers when applying multi-axis combination, and discuss the application details with the manufacturers.