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Application characteristics of high precision translation stage

Pulished on Aug. 30, 2023

We use a high-precision translation stage, but how much do we know about its characteristics? Let's take a look at:

Features of high-precision translation table:

1. The guide rail is a linear ball mill steel bar, with light load.

2. The pedestal and table are precisely machined, so that the running straightness, deflection, pitch and movement parallelism of the table are within a certain precision range.

3. The displacement adjustment is driven by fine grinding and fine tuning screw pairs.

4. The micro adjustment ensures the micro feed of the table top.

5. The fine-tuning screw pair is placed in the center of the translation table, which is convenient to operate.

6, using spring reset, eliminate the axial clearance.

7. Mounting holes with standard hole spacing are distributed on the table top and base, which is convenient for installation and assembly.  

Application characteristics of high precision translation stage 

The above is an introduction to the use characteristics of high-precision translation stage.