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Application characteristics and precautions of ultra-high precision manual displacement table

Pulished on Sep. 07, 2023

Characteristics of ultra-high precision manual displacement table:

1. The guide rail is a linear ball mill steel bar with light load;
2. The pedestal and table are precisely machined, so that the running straightness, deflection, pitch and movement parallelism of the table are within a certain precision range;
3. The displacement adjustment is driven by fine grinding and fine tuning screw pairs;
4. The micro adjustment ensures the micro feed of the table top;
5, the fine-tuning screw pair is placed in the center of the translation table, which is convenient to operate;
6. Spring reset is adopted to eliminate the axial clearance;

Application characteristics and precautions of ultra-high precision manual displacement table

What should be paid attention to in the use of ultra-high precision manual displacement table?

1. Use two fixing screw holes or mounting brackets at the bottom for direct installation or additional protection or other mechanical use according to the needs of site and machine installation space and facilities.
2. Pay attention to the outlet angle of the traction rope during installation, that is, make the mechanism of the traction rope from the outlet to the moving part slide in a straight line when working, and keep the angle deviation as small as possible to ensure the measurement accuracy and the service life of the steel cable. For long-distance vertical installation, it is recommended that the drawstring ruler body be installed at the lower part, and the traction rope be pulled upwards.
3. The traction rope itself is made of stainless steel coated with fluorine, so do not let it be burned, cut or hit by external force: excessive debris, dust or items that can damage the cable will be stored in the pulley or outlet inside, which will cause the cable to be damaged and lead to the failure of unsmooth operation.
4. If it is not installed on the fixed seat or workbench, it is forbidden to pull out the cable by hand or other products and let it bounce back instantly. This will cause the cable to break and harm the structure and personal safety.
5. If it is used in a non-linear motion mechanism, please install an appropriate pulley to run, and bind the curved motion to the linear motion. When used in harsh environment or special occasions, please install protection mechanism yourself.